4 Essentials To Bring On Every Weekend Getaway

Once the summer temperature is consistently above 70 degrees everyone becomes a wandering nomad. For me, the beautiful weather means I am never in one place for to long. Being that I am typically on the go, I always make sure my luggage is stocked with four of my favorite beauty essentials to ensure I’m still slaying after a long flight or car ride. Of course I bring more than four beauty products on every trip but the ones I’m going to discuss I can’t leave my apartment without them. So without further ado…

Water. This may seem like a no brainer for most, but people really don’t understand the positive impact water has on your skin and beauty routine. Airports, buses, trains, and cars have the AC on throughout the day and the constant air flow sucks out all the moisture in the air leaving your skin, hair, lips and throat dry. It is important to keep yourself hydrated at all times so you remain looking fresh and healthy. Now, when you want to take your hydrated skin to the next level try…

 A moisturizer or primer with SPF. The sun is out which means UV rays are in full effect. It’s important to not only keep our skin hydrated but also to protect it. I always thought, “I’m black I don’t need to put on sunscreen.” False! Skin cancer, sun spots, and wrinkles don’t discriminate. My favorite moisturizer is Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 35 or 15. You can choose based on your needs. There are some hot and humid days where my face doesn’t exactly need a moisturizer but it’s still shiny. That’s when I use my primer. I use the Skin Primer Matte IT from The Body Shop. It’s great because it moisturizes my face while reducing the shine.

Tinted Lip Balm. When I was younger I literally used 3 different lip balms just to moisture my lips! That was before I even discovered lip gloss and lipstick. A tinted lip balm can take your lip game to next level and can elevate your no makeup look. After a long day of traveling you want something that will freshen up your face without having to pull out your makeup bag. That’s where a tinted lip balm is clutch. The moisture of the balm will keep your lips hydrated while the color perks up your face. While I don’t use tinted lip balms as much as I used to my favorite has to be Maybelline’s Baby Soft Lips. You can find them in pretty much any drugstore.

Deodorant. Yes this needs to be listed because trust me when you are on a train during rush hour with no AC you will then understand why deodorant made the cut. Always having a travel size deodorant handy is a major key to slaying while traveling. I personally use Degree while traveling. It smells good and keeps me dry. degree So that’s my list. Of course there’s more products in my bag but these are my non-negotiable essentials.





What are some of your favorite beauty products to have while traveling? Which ones are essential? Comment below.


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